Digital Forensics

9. Preserving the Evidence

Collecting Evidence

Earlier exercises have looked at some of the issues around the collection and preservation of evidence. Now it's time to put your knowledge to the test.

Below is an assessment task, the first steps involve collecting and preserving the evidence. And in the best traditions of Forensic science you will be expected to record all your actions in standard forms, in such a way that anyone else following your steps will arrive at the same conclusions.

Subsequent exercises will look analysing the evidence and arriving at conclusions.

Evidence Collection
Assessment Task

This task is a double whammy. It covers two outcomes and together with the answers recorded in your notebook provides sufficient evidence for passing the entire Forensic Unit. So best of luck.

  1. Download the scenario. Make sure you read it carefully and that you are clear in your own mind about what you have to do. It might help if you think back on what you know, what you've done in previous exercises and the order in which you've done them. Have a quick check with your teacher that you are on the right track.
  2. There are also standard evidence forms for that have to be completed. Download Pro Forma 1 - Collection . Your teacher will provide you with some initial guidance on completing this form.
  3. Create a suitably named folder in your network folder. This is where you will store all your evidence and records.
  4. Save your scenario and assessment instructions in the folder. Save your completed form in the same folder.
  5. Your teacher will provide you any other resources you might need.

Completing these tasks can be confusing. To help clarify exactly what is needed to attain a pass, down load and save the Assessment Guidance in your folder.

Read the form carefully. What you read is exactly what your examiner is looking for. Provided you provide evidence on each section there will no problem with passing.

Assessment Guidance

Now the next step

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