Aims & Outcomes

By the end you should be able to:-

  1. Explain the digital forensics process
  2. Apply relevant techniques in acquiring data.
  3. Examine digital evidence

For each outcome, course participants should be able to:-

security fundementals

Outcome 1

Explain the digital forensics process

  1. Explain the legal, professional and ethical issues in conducting a digital forensics examination.
  2. Explain the tools and techniques used in conducting a digital forensics examination.
  3. Explain the phases of the digital forensics process.
  4. Explain the importance in recording all actions.
data security

Outcome 2

Apply relevant techniques in acquiring data

  1. Identify forensically sound techniques used to acquire data.
  2. Select and use appropriate forensic tools to acquire data
  3. Preserve acquired data and record relevant actions.
digital forensics

Outcome 3

Examine digital evidence

  1. Identify system specific information.
  2. Perform an analysis of evidence using software tools.
  3. Record the finding of the process.

Careers & the future

Cybersecurity is one of the 'hottest' employment areas. Hardly a month goes by without some security scare being reported in the news. Government and business are all demanding experts in this area, so if you want to get an exciting and challenging career stopping and catching the bad guys; then this is the course for you.

As the need for cybersecurity specialists develops, more and more universities and colleges are beginning courses. So there will be plenty of opportunity to pursue your interests further and get a good start in a rapidly developing field.

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Can you now do?

  • Make the distinction between Data and Information.
  • Provide examples of where data becomes information.
  • Provide examples of personal data.

If you don't feel confident in meeting any of these performance criteria, ask your teacher or re-read the information again.

Cyber Security

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Data Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Ethical Hacking
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