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Course overview

The complete course consists of four units, each looking at a different aspect of cyber-security.

The first examines some of the risks faced by individuals, businesses and countries in today's fast moving digital world. The second, on Data Security, looks at how digital data is shared and stored. During the unit, some famous breaches of security will be examined together with the consequences for the companies and individuals involved.

The unit on Digital Forensics aims to provide an understanding of how to trace and discover those responsible for breaches in security by gathering and interpreting digital data. The unit on Ethical Hacking highlights the difference between 'white-hat' and 'black-hat' hackers and looks at some of the methods used by hackers to test data security methods used to protect data.

Unit Summaries

security fundementals
Introduces the concepts of 'cyber hygiene' and 'cyber resilience'. It is practical course that looks at threats to on-line users and how users can protect themselves from cyber attacks, either through their phones or personal computers.
Data Security
data security
Discusses legal and ethical obligations surrounding the storage of personal and business data. It looks at real breaches of security, their consequences and practical ways of protecting personal and business data.
Digital Forensics
digital forensics
This is a practical course aimed at introducing the forensics process; from how to tell whether an attack has taken place, through the interpretation of the data and who might have been responsible to the reporting process.
Ethical Hacking
ethical hacking
Mostly a practical course, this unit introduces the idea of ethical hacking and how it helps increase data security. Participants will also gain experience of using some common hacking tools and methods to break into computer systems.

Careers & the future

Cybersecurity is one of the 'hottest' employment areas. Hardly a month goes by without some security scare being reported in the news. Government and business are all demanding experts in this area, so if you want to get an exciting and challenging career stopping and catching the bad guys; then this is the course for you.

As the need for cybersecurity specialists develops, more and more universities and colleges are beginning courses. So there will be plenty of opportunity to pursue your interests further and get a good start in a rapidly developing field.

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Cyber Security

  • Security Fundamentals
  • Data Security
  • Digital Forensics
  • Ethical Hacking
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